Web Maintenance is nothing but checking up a website regularly, for issues, plugin updates, mistakes, broken links, 404 error pages, and keeping it relevant and updated. Website maintenance for a site is necessary to strengthen search engine optimization and continued traffic growth.
For any business, whether it is small, medium, or even large, web maintenance is a must to engage and retain customers. Small companies, especially startups, try to ignore this step as website maintenance is not an immediate need.
However, just like our health, when neglected for long can cause a problem in the long run, similarly, regular check-up of a website is a must to run a business smoothly.

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Web Maintenance – 5 Important reasons why it is necessary

Maintaining a website is necessary for several reasons some of them are as follows:

  1. SEO

    To keep the results fair, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important. Google determines which sites deserve to rank highly through search engine optimization. It would become easy to manipulate the sites, by simply deciding on several links or the most pages which can be generated by software if there is no search engine optimization.
    Search engine optimization prevents this manipulation and deserving sites get a better chance on search engines. Furthermore, users trust search engines and the visibility of your site in search engine rankings signals to searchers that your site is credible. So, to maintain SEO strategy regular website maintenance is invaluable.

  2. Customer Engagement

Customers are always looking for current information and relevant content, failing so means losing customers. To keep potential customers engaged to your site, it is important to check for typos and grammar issues and make it engaging and consistent.

  1. Security

It is necessary to keep website maintenance on your radar to avert hackings. It becomes easier for hackers to hack a website that has been lying dormant for too long.

  1. Corporate Image

Professional companies always expect a professional website. If you fail to deliver, then your customers will go elsewhere.

  1. Trends in design and technology

To make yourself as an ultimate choice for potential customers, then it is important to keep the website sleek and professional. Website maintenance helps to adopt new technology that will help the back-end run more smoothly.

Web Maintenance

At Techmark India, in- house professionals provide professional website maintenance for various websites. The maintenance includes updating photos, news or events, texts, and server maintenance.

Top 12 Web Maintenance Points covered by Techmark India include

  1. Works on improving the design of the customer’s website.
  2. Works on outdated components
  3. Update plugins or CMS
  4. Add new functionality such as forms, blog, gallery, etc.
  5. Update blogs with fresh content with relevant information
  6. Helps in maintaining the latest events calendars or news
  7. Improves the customer’s website
  8. Experts in Techmark India perform software website patches and upgrades WordPress
  9. Provide regular updates as well as offer maintenance
  10. In- house experts of Techmark India helps in maintaining and cleaning up websites
  11. Resize images of the website and optimize images as well
  12. To keep the website fresh Techmark India provides several kinds of maintenance
Web Maintenance Cycle

4 Major Tasks involved in Web Maintenance

For the maintenance of the web, few tasks should be done regularly.

Task 1. Weekly Web Maintenance

  1. To engage potential customers and encourage SEO traffic, one blog post must be written daily
  2. Always check for broken links
  3. Fix or redirect 404 errors.
  4. Delete spam comments from pages and posts
  5. Check pages before loading.
  6. Website software and plugins must be updated.
  7. Check forms daily

Task 2. Monthly Web Maintenance

  1. Update blogs if possible
  2. Security scans should be updated to find out any discrepancies
  3. Checking loading speed
  4. Website statistics from the previous month should be analyzed

Task 3. Quarterly Web Maintenance

  1. Review search engine optimization, meta titles and descriptions
  2. Review workload for efficiency
  3. Tweak popups and test, forms and calls to action
  4. Review website design
  5. Graphics and images must be checked
  6. Check devices and browsers of the website, if it displays correctly
  7. Review marketing campaigns and advertisements
  8. Restore a previous version of the website

Task 4. Yearly Web Maintenance

  1. For content accuracy, grammar, typos, and relevancy, review each page
  2. Check for active email addresses
  3. Renew website domain name
  4. Updating website design
  5. Update top-performing blogs and articles. Add new content.

Our Working Stats – Technical

Websites and Business emails maintained 99%
WordPress 96%
Web Design 85%
Graphic Design 86%
Javascript 95%
CSS 89%
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