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Web Business Email is a professional email ID which is specifically used for business. It contains the company name in it like an employeename@companyname.com. It not only gives authority to a person to act on behalf of a company but also acts as an advertisement for the company.
A Web Business Email id has many advantages. Firstly, it builds a brand name because the business name stays visible with every communication. Besides this, there are many more advantages to a business email hosting account.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300 percent return on investment for business in the United States.

It’s necessary to choose the right email marketing service to make the marketing campaign successful and email marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools for small businesses.


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Web Business Email

Web Business Email – Advantages


A professional mail account with a business domain name gives credibility to the business as customers can identify and trust you.

Communication becomes more professional

Sending a mail containing a business proposal to the prospective customer through a free email account, certainly won’t create an impression to the customer. Moreover, sending business proposals through a free email account looks unprofessional and unconvincing.

A business mail account makes the communication professional both internally with employees and externally with customers.


Trust issue

A professional email is more trusted than a free email account to the customers. As it is associated with a business domain name on which the primary website is hosted, making it more recognizable because customers who are willing to know more about the services of the company can recognize the website address.

The professional email helps in gaining customers because free email does not allow a customer to know about company details.


Cost factor

The benefits of web business email outweigh the cost factor.

Email service providers also provide customers with customized storage space, depending upon the customer requirement.

Nowadays, most of the businesses are preferring a white-level email solution for their businesses. White email helps to hide the identity of the real service provider, instead, it highlights the brand name on the emails.

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Web Business Email – Top 3 Options for Email Hosting

Shared web and email hosting
While hosting a website, most web hosting providers also offer email hosting. It is included in the web hosting subscription for free.

Self-hosted email
If a customer has its server then they can host their email without going through a third-party provider. Self-hosting provides customizability, but it has its share of problems and that is the added cost of servers and systems admins. To prevent spam, it has to be maintained regularly.

Third-party email hosting
third party email hosting is more beneficial as compared to self-hosted email because it saves from the cost of self-hosting and also provides some added features like a subscription to a hosted email service that often comes with other tools to run the business.

Web Business Email – Things to keep in mind while choosing an email hosting provider

Storage options

Always choose a service provider that offers ample storage space because basic email boxes are not limitless. Emails with texts only would take small space but emails containing large files including photos, graphics, and documents could increase the size of the mail and can surpass storage caps. Some providers place limits on the number of mails, rather than placing storage caps.

Security features

Spam protection is the first line of defense against digital viruses. Emails are the most common ways that people get tricked. Therefore, it’s necessary to get a hosting account that has security features like spam filtering systems that automatically scan the email and look out for data that seems fishy.

App integration

Emails are used, along with other productivity apps in businesses and app integration, built-in collaboration tools, and compatibility with programs like Microsoft word, PowePoint, or Google Docs not only improve the workflow but also productivity.

Restricting Emails

Always check the provider’s email limitations, especially if you send lengthy emails regularly.

Customer support

There is very much possible that you might experience issues that are affecting day-to-day operations. So, customer support is paramount, and you can reach out to them at the time of need.

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