Web Design for Schools

School website design creates stunning videos and stories about the school to make the whole school choosing decision easier for parents. It enables parents to browse through the websites for schools to get information about the facilities, academics provided by them.

Furthermore, website design for schools helps parents to make informed decisions regarding the admission of their child.

Why Schools need Websites

For a good first impression of a school, a website plays a significant role as it is the first contact that people have with the school. Moreover, for teachers, students, and parents, school websites give a good user experience.


Features for Good School Website

A good school website must have quality content such as contact details, welcoming messages, curriculum information, news, events calendar, news, and other school information.

When parents research schools for their children, they look for information. Good content and website design are very important because if parents don’t find the necessary information they immediately switch over to another school website.

A school website should always send the right message to its visitors. The right message creates a good image of that school.

Currently, the mobile version for a school website is trending because teachers, students, and parents visit school websites on their mobile devices. Mobile compatibility for a school website is a must.

Last but not least is, it must be engaging.


When exactly a School needs a New Website?


When parents complain or the site isn’t readable on mobile devices or lacking social presence, stale content, and the site is down. These are the warning signs which should not be neglected.


When parents complain become frequent

According to a recent survey by marketing company Hubspot, 76 percent of website visitors said that easy access to information is all they really want. Design and interactive experience occupy second and third places respectively.

So, the school website must communicate necessary information to parents and students such as teacher pages, important forms, schedules, lunch menus, school calendars, and email addresses.


Social Presence 

The social presence of a school is a must for effective communication with parents and students. For example, to distribute important messages spread the good news, and for community support build-up, schools can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

To communicate through these channels, the school must have a social-friendly website. That means the website must have social sharing buttons integrated. Social sharing buttons help the visitors to pass on the information about the school to the rest of their network.


When the content is stale

The content of the site should be reviewed on a regular basis. There are often things like website have pictures of students who have long been graduated or activity schedules, blog posts, lunch menus, or recent announcements which have not been updated in a long time.

If visitors find these loopholes on the website, then it is obvious they might wonder, what other important tasks are being ignored. It’s important to keep the content fresh and updated so visitors can get information about last Monday’s announcement on that very day.

Mobile Compatibility of the School Website

The number of adults using smartphones is going up. Adults who have school-going children own smartphones and the percentage is staggering 87%. Not only that, even, students’ teachers or fellow administrators also access the internet through smartphones.

It’s important that a school website must have a responsive design that allows users to access it seamlessly. A mobile-friendly website helps in easier navigation and user don’t have to wait to access the website through a computer.


When the site is down frequently

An inferior hosting service that does not have enough horsepower to support a website leads to frequent website outage. To make the site up and functional, it is necessary to consult service providers that offer a school-specific content management system, so that visitors can access the site easily.


Techmark India, a renowned web designing agency based in Pune offers outstanding websites for schools such as mobile-responsive website themes while keeping its elegant look intact. It helps to build a beautiful and engaging school website with the right content management system that meets the needs of the school.

Images chosen are rightly placed and showcase the atmosphere of the school perfectly. To make the site user-friendly, drop down bars for home and about and locations are made available in the main navigation section by Tecmark India.

It also offers an artistic display of a visual representation of the campus,co-curriculum activities, and prospectus. It also provides testimonials of parents and students with beautiful quotations besides providing business emails to school staff.